Beautiful Nature Images – High Resolution

by Debra

Amazing Beautiful Nature Images -100 High Resolution 300 dpi prints including sea life, botanical floral and birds.

Today, I wanted to share an amazing Public Domain book I’ve been working with called Kunstformen der Natur (German for Artforms of Nature) published in 1904 and written / illustrated by zoologist, biologist, and artist Ernst Haeckel.

I’m planning to use the amazing prints in this book (100 total) to create several spin-off products. If you’ve never heard of Ernst Haeckel, you need to check this out!

I’ve taken All 100 Images And Re-worked Them Into 300 dpi Hi Res Images

Here’s a few low-resolution samples from this incredible Public Domain book

See what I mean? Amazing! Can you believe these were produced in the late 1800’s? The Public Domain constantly astounds me.



What’s Included:

I originally offered these 100  high resolution 300dpi images at $1 each totally $100. Which I think is a steal.

This site was on a server that crashed – and had no backup. Anywhere!!!  I’ve recreated this site and have included New pricing!

Would You Like To See What’s Included in the High Resolution Nature Images Pack?

More information about Ernst Haeckel and Kunstformen der Natur:

  • Read more about the life and accomplishments of Ernst Haeckel on Wikipedia.
  • Read more about about the book, “Kunstformen der Natur” on Wikipedia.
  • Browse all 100 prints at 72 dpi (low resolution) from the book on Wikimedia Commons.



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