Caricaturing High Resolution 300 dpi Images

by Debra


Download all of the prints from “The Art of Caricaturing” in high-resolution 300 dpi…perfect for using these prints to create physical products like framed prints, posters, cards, physical book covers and more!

I originally mentioned this book several months ago in a post – The Art of Caricaturing by Mitchell Smith. Since that time, I’ve had my team working on converting all the images to 300 dpi.

One uniquely fun aspect of this book is the 41 illustrations which could be used independently of the book to create posters for art lovers and people who appreciate a good caricature. They’re particularly interesting because they’re caricatures of historical figures like Charles Darwin, Clemenceau, Taft, Hitler, and many, many more.

If you’re an artist or an art teacher you could incorporate this text into your coaching and lessons and ask your readers to turn in homework for feedback and critique.

Like many Public Domain books, The Art of Caricaturing (which is available for download at the Internet Archive) would work quite well as simple articles and blog posts too. The content could be used as is or updated with your own examples and language. Some sections are probably too long for a standard blog post, which is usually around 500 words; however the content is easily summarized.

These 300 dpi images work especially well for publishing books on CreateSpace (Amazon’s Print on Demand platform).



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