High-Res Public Domain Children’s Images

by Debra

“Imagine yourselves, my dear readers, seated on a wild winter night in a Silesian hut in the Riesengebirge, several thousand feet higher than the surrounding valleys, with snow, fathoms deep, everywhere. The wild storm rages through the desolate mountains. Within, however, everything is warm and comfortable, and as the matrons and maidens busily spin, in fancy, you can listen with pleasure to their tales of the mighty Mountain Lord.”

How’s that for a set up?

Conjures up all sorts of vivid mental imagery doesn’t it?

This opening paragraph is of course 100% copyright-free and comes from the book, “Silesian Folk Tales (The Book of Rubezahl)”, written by James Lee & James T. Carey, Published in 1915 by the American Book Company of New York.

You can find a scan of “Silesian Folk Tales” in the Internet Archive.

These public domain folk tales are wonderfully imaginative and well written, ripe for republishing as part of your own collection of folk tales.

The book itself was written as joint effort between Mr. James Lee, M.D. who was the District Superintendent of New York City Schools and James T. Carey who was at the time, the Principal of a public school in Brooklyn ~ so you know the writing is top-notch!

What initially drew me to this book however, is the stunning black and white images found within it’s pages. Very little is known about the artist, a mysterious yet gifted illustrator using the name C.F. Arcier. I’ve been able to find little to no information about this artist but the images in this book are definitely a testament to his abilities with pen and ink.

Here’s a few samples of the artwork pulled from the book…

Since discovering this book and its images, I’ve had my team working hard on extracting all 35 images from the book, cleaning them up, and reproducing them as high resolution 300 dpi prints, perfect for print-ready products such as physical books, framed and matted prints, t-shirts, etc.

The sample images above are down-sampled versions of what they’ve produced for me. You can click on any of the images above to launch a much larger version of the image at 72 dpi and gain a deeper appreciation of C.F. Arcier’s work. These images are of course public domain in the United States because they were produced before 1923.

We’ve found that the full page plates in this book (of which there are approximately 16) blow up very nicely to a size of about 11 inches wide by 18 high at 300 dpi, perfect for using to create physical prints.

Don’t have a team of your own? Why not leverage mine?

I’ve decided to offer you the chance to benefit from the work we are doing in restoring these public domain images for use in your own products. Only you know for sure whether images like this have a place in your business so if you’re interested in obtaining the images from this book in high-resolution 300 dpi, all cleaned up and ready for print production, you’ll find a link below this article to purchase the entire set for a very reasonable investment.
Here’s how to get your hands on all 35 images from ““Silesian Folk Tales” in high-resolution, print-ready, 300 dpi now


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