Public Domain High Resolution Images Cigar Box Label

by Debra

This book is chock full of Public Domain cigar box labels!

Apparently the book was meant to be a portfolio / advertising mechanism of sorts for O.L. Schwencke Lithography of New York & Chicago and it features exactly 90 different vibrantly colored vintage cigar box label prints.

Know matter how you feel about cigar smoking, this book is a ton of fun and the prints inside would make great content for collectors of smoking related vintage collectibles – yes, there’s a huge market for this stuff! Just check eBay.

Here’s a few hand-picked samples from the book…

I can visualize using these images in so many ways.

What’s Included:

  • A download link to 72 dpi versions of all 89 prints in the book… (46 MB)
  • A download link to The Prints From O.L. Schwencke’s “Cigar Box Labels” at 300 dpi (BIG: 487 MB)

I originally offered these high resolution 300dpi images at $1 each totally $89. Which I think is a steal.

This site was on a server that crashed – and had no backup. Anywhere!!!  I’ve recreated this site and have included New pricing!




Would You Like To See What’s Included in the High Resolution Cigar Box Images Pack?

Here’s a handy thumbnail contact sheet in pdf…

Right Click Here To The “Cigar Box Label” Thumbnail Contact Sheet (63 MB)



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