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High-Res Public Domain Children’s Images

“Imagine yourselves, my dear readers, seated on a wild winter night in a Silesian hut in the Riesengebirge, several thousand feet higher than the surrounding valleys, with snow, fathoms deep, everywhere. The wild storm rages through the desolate mountains. Within, however, everything is warm and comfortable, and as the matrons and maidens busily spin, in […]

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Caricaturing High Resolution 300 dpi Images

  Download all of the prints from “The Art of Caricaturing” in high-resolution 300 dpi…perfect for using these prints to create physical products like framed prints, posters, cards, physical book covers and more! I originally mentioned this book several months ago in a post – The Art of Caricaturing by Mitchell Smith. Since that time, […]

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